SPARK’s 2016 Career Day

In May, 2016, SPARK held its third annual Career Day at the Roberts Family Branch in Linda Vista.


Nearly 200 kids from three different branches took part in the event, which featured more than a dozen local professions. The kids were able to learn from aviators, computer software programmers, EMTs, financial and health experts, policemen, and even a horse farrier and professional musician!

“I enjoyed talking with all of the different professionals about what they do.  It was interesting and inspiring to learn how they choose what they do for a living,” said Malik, a teen member of the Clairemont Branch. He continued, “It was really cool to put on the real gear at the SWAT van. The professionals were so nice to take the time to be with us. I had so much fun.”

BGCSD members each filled out a “career passport” in order to enter into an opportunity drawing for Minecraft items and three Kindle Fire tablets.

We thank all our participants for taking the time to enlighten our youth about a wide variety of awesome careers!